Neil Young: Moving Beyond ‘Them & Us’ – conversations about power & difference inside & outside the therapy room

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This online workshop will run 10am – 4.30pm. 

Come join Neil for a rich day, grappling with our sense of identity and power, as he offers a safe, warm space to dive into this important work together. It will include opportunities to be curious about experiences and parts of ourselves that we wish to give attention to – such as our gender, sexuality, faith, disability, class, culture or something else entirely.


We are all unique and different – even when we can imagine our lives are fairly ordinary. As therapists we regularly work with clients who are struggling to accept themselves and who face resistance from their families and wider society: many of us have also faced similar challenges in our own lives.

This workshop is an exciting opportunity to have open dialogues about sameness and difference – to sidestep the social media pressure to quickly take ‘sides’ in a black and white way, whilst reflecting on our experiences and beliefs. We will sit with how prejudice – when feelings such as aggression, shame and sadness are disowned onto others – have touched our lives and those of our clients’. Rather than imagining that we are experts or blank screens, this is a chance to work collaboratively to understand the lasting impact of prejudice.

We will work with this awareness to work with questions, such as:

  • How can we explore power and privilege in the therapy room without worrying about getting it wrong or feeling out of touch?
  • How do we allow clients to bring their knowledge of their identities, while having the courage to challenge their internalised prejudice?
  • How can we enjoy working with difference and prejudice and be more of an ally to our clients?
  • What norms and assumptions have been made about us and how has this affected who we feel we are expected to be? How might we have been encouraged to do this with others?

To support our exploration, Neil will share some of his own experiences growing up with the group: how family dynamics, attachment styles and wider societal norms and prejudice shaped who he felt able to be growing up as a working class, queer boy. By being open about the ups and downs of his own life, Neil will encourage us to connect with how our upbringing and adult lives may affect how we see ourselves and others.

We will then use creative exercises – supported by time working on our own, in pairs and as a whole group – to explore and celebrate our own unique identities, including healthy and challenging experiences related to our gender, sexuality, race, class, culture or disability. We look forward to you joining us for this exciting event.

 What previous participants have said:

‘It was a really valuable session, brilliantly and safely facilitated. I really enjoyed the personal development approach rather than just giving us loads of information.’

‘The group activities were so powerful – emotional and yet so much learning and reflection for all – a great day and I took away so much for myself both personally and professionally’

 ‘I loved it and came away feeling much more confident in my practice.’

 ‘I especially loved the interactive and creative aspects of the training day. I really, really had so much fun with it and I felt like I learnt something about myself from it too, so big 10/10 from me!!


Neil is an experienced integrative art psychotherapist, facilitator and youth worker with a longstanding interest in exploring gender and sexual identities.

Neil designs and holds creative spaces in which children, young people and adults – and the professionals who work with them – can explore their diverse experiences and identities, against the persistent impact of anti-LGBT prejudice, in safe and interactive ways. For professionals, this includes trainings, lectures, workshops and embodied performances working with therapist, counsellors, youth-, social- and mental health-workers and other professionals and organisations.

Neil’s background also includes 25 years’ experience as a researcher and queer community advocate, including founding Mosaic LGBT Young People’s Trust in northwest London and working as an LGBT advisor to the first two Mayors of London.

In 2017 Neil published ‘Young People: Not Straight, Not Narrow’  in the BACP University & College Journal after interviewing counsellors, therapists, academics and youth workers across the country. The article explores ongoing, emerging trends in gender and sexual identification among children and young people and offers advice for affirmative therapeutic practice.

Neil currently works 4 days/week as an integrative arts psychotherapist in private practice in London and teaches at the Institute for Arts & Therapy in Education (IATE)

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24 June 2023
$50 – $85