Life Story Work for Adoptive Parents

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Jessica Spenceley


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3 hr | 6 hr


The training can be modified to a foundational or more advanced course for adoptive parents, depending on the agency’s needs. The workshop can be delivered in a half-day format if the agency would prefer a foundational workshop.

Content Summary: 

Helping adopted children understand and make sense of their past is part of the lifelong journey of adoption, and a meaningful way that adoptive parents can support their children along their path is through engaging in life story work. Life story work is a helpful guide and companion in what can otherwise feel like an immense and overwhelming task.

In this workshop, adopters will gain a greater understanding of what life story work is, how they can incorporate this into their families, and tools to support their child around the impact of their early trauma. Join Jessica as she makes the complex area of life story work accessible and manageable for adoptive families. During the workshop, adoptive parents will be supported to:

• Gain a better understanding of life story work
• Learn how to talk about the more sensitive parts of their child’s history
• Better understand the impact of early trauma and adversity
• Learn trauma-wise parenting skills
• Help their child manage their loss and grief
• Become more confident in carrying out life story work in their adoptive family

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Training delivered by

Jessica Spenceley

Jessica Spenceley is a highly experienced international therapist, social worker, and facilitator whose specialisms include trauma, grief, adoption, and safeguarding.  She has a wealth of experience in health and social care settings utilising an integrative and relational model of practice providing direct services to children and families.  Jessica has managed child protection and safeguarding services within the charity sector, and she is involved in work as a provider of therapeutic and assessment services, trainer, and leader in adoption support service development and implementation.