Forensic Case Formulation with Children

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Dr Anna Markham


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4 hrs | 6 hrs (1 day) | 12 hrs (2 day)


This training can be adapted across a range of diverse contexts and participants, and further bespoke elements can be added on request.

Content Summary: 

Case formulation can be described as ‘a working hypothesis’ or ‘best guess’ about a child’s presenting difficulty (Johnstone and Dallos, 2014). It takes into account the child’s life experiences, circumstances, relationships, education and their strengths. Case formulation can highlight patterns of behaviour, help with ideas on how to engage children and identify their needs guiding intervention planning.

This workshop focuses on the use of case formulation specifically with children who present with high risk behaviours and complex needs. The training will provide those working with children in the youth justice system with the relevant psychological theory and practice based skills to undertake such forensic case formulations.

Attendees will learn how they can develop more robust and developmentally attuned understandings of the development and maintenance of problem behaviours. The planning of interventions and how these are sequenced will be discussed.

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Training delivered by

Dr Anna Markham

Dr Anna Markham is a Principal Forensic Psychologist.  Her extensive clinical experience has been in secure mental health, Her Majesty’s Prison service and NHS Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services.  She has worked across a range of settings including the youth secure estate, alternative education settings, community parenting programmes for children who are on the edge of coming into care or custody and children in contact with the youth justice system.

In addition to holding a doctorate in Forensic Psychology, Anna has undergone a range of specialist training courses including various therapeutic approaches including Multisystemic Therapy, Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy, Good Lives Model, Non-Violent Resistance Therapy and child specific risk assessment tools and models for harmful behaviours (AIM3 under 12s and technology assisted harmful sexual behaviours, JSOAP-II, SAVRY: violence).

Anna currently works at a specialist forensic service primarily in a consultation role supporting professionals who are working with children with complex needs and who present with high risk of harm to others.  Anna is also a Teaching Fellow and coordinator of placements on a Forensic Psychology Practice Doctoral course at a leading UK University involving lecturing, supervising trainees in practice and assessing competence. 

Anna provides external consultation and training to a variety of organisations including Her Majesty’s Prison Service and Local Authorities.  She is also an expert witness and undertakes assessments for court including complex developmental and relational trauma and how this can contribute to severe behavioural difficulty in children and adolescents.