Intersectionality: Exploring Power, Prejudice & Difference

Neil Young
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Neil Young


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Neil is open to exploring tailored versions of the training e.g. for parents and carers, including foster carers, and/or adding in exploration of issues that will support you and your organisation in your work with and for children and young people

Participants will be given the opportunity to:

• Explore how common assumptions about children and young people’s identities – such as gender, class, ethnicity, sexuality and any disabilities – as well as their experience of prejudice may affect how they interact with professionals and services and what they share about their lives.

• Build on, and share, our expertise about how you all already consider and understand difference in your work and personal lives.

• Creatively explore diverse identities and different experiences of prejudice – and our own relationship to these – both within your work with children and young people and wider society

• Work with case studies – including examples from your own organisation – to explore ways of working, assessing risk and support.

• Develop action points for your own role and make recommendations to your wider team and organisation


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Neil Young
Training delivered by

Neil Young

Neil is an experienced integrative art psychotherapist, facilitator and youth worker with a longstanding interest in exploring gender and sexual identities, delivering lectures, training, articles, workshops and embodied performances to mental health professionals, students and organisations.

Neil designs and holds safe, creative spaces in which children, young people and adults – and the professionals who work with them – can explore their diverse experiences and identities, against the persistent impact of anti-LGBT prejudice, in safe and interactive ways. For professionals, this includes trainings, lectures, workshops and embodied performances working with therapists, counsellors, youth-, social- and mental health-workers and other professionals and organisations.

Neil’s background also includes 25 years’ experience as a researcher and queer community advocate, including founding Mosaic LGBT Young People’s Trust in northwest London and working as an LGBT advisor to the first two Mayors of London.

In 2022, Neil co-authored a chapter in Queering Psychotherapy called ‘Don’t Panic! Queering the child’ building on a 2017 BACP University & College Journal  article ‘Young People: Not Straight, Not Narrow’. Both were based on interviews with counsellors, therapists, academics and youth workers across the country, exploring emerging trends in gender and sexual identification among children and young people and offering advice for affirmative therapeutic practice.

Neil currently works 3 days/week as an integrative arts psychotherapist in private practice in London and teaches at the various institutes, including the Institute for Arts & Therapy in Education (IATE) and HOMA