How The World Is Making Our Children Mad, And What To Do About It

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Over the last few years, suicide rates of young people have steadily increased in some parts of the world. 7 per cent of children in the UK have attempted suicide by the age of 17 and almost one in four say they have self-harmed in the past year. Meanwhile, rates of anxiety, depression, and ADHD seem to be rising, as does the use of medication to treat these symptoms in children. In the past five years, there has been a 40 per cent rise in antidepressants prescribed for children in the UK, while in the US, one in ten children are now diagnosed with ADHD and the number of children taking Ritalin (a powerful amphetamine-like drug) is growing all over the world. 

Imagine going to the dentist with toothache from an infected root and, instead of doing a root canal surgery, the dentist gives you some painkillers and sends you on your not-so-merry way. This is how most child mental health problems are treated today. We focus almost exclusively on surface- level, quick fixes for children’s minds instead of getting to the root of the problem. How can we make sense of this crisis and support our children to better mental health?

In this workshop, you will learn how our children’s minds are affected by the world around us, and how to help them – with a particular focus on the impact of digital technology and the climate crisis. In a time of mass confusion, uncertainty, and overwhelm, our children need us now more than ever to help them navigate this mad world. You will learn about the root causes of psychological suffering in our children, how to work with children and those who care for them in a non-pathologising way, and how to help our children find hope in a world that can feel hopeless at times.

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Training delivered by

Louis Weinstock

Louis is a Transpersonal Child Psychotherapist and Social  Entrepreneur. He helps people find a light in the darkness, especially in grief, in the  shadow, in the things that are unseen, unheard, unspoken. For over 20 years, he has expertly guided children and grown-ups through some of the toughest challenges life can throw at us – loss, trauma,  divorce, burnout and breakdowns. He is also co-founder of Apart of Me, a multi-award-winning charity that helps young people transform their  grief into compassion. His book How The World Is Making Our Children Mad, And What To Do About It was published by Penguin in June 2021.