Ange McMillan: Reducing the Barriers to School Attendance – A Workshop for Parents & Carers

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This workshop runs 6.30pm – 8.30pm.

Content Summary: 

This is a 2 hour session for the parents and carers of children and young people who are currently experiencing barriers to being able to attend school, but who are trying to find solutions and support. This workshop has been specially designed by specialist Ange McMillan to help you better understand some of the issues that might be in play, discover ways you can support them in the challenges they face, further engage school and school staff support, and a chance to focus on your own self-care.

Ange also runs trainings for professionals and practitioners as well as whole school and organisational trainings on this subject and all her work has been informed by research projects and sessions with the children and young people themselves, to help develop approaches and guidance that will make a real and lasting difference.

Keeping the children and young people in mind throughout the session, this is an opportunity to discover more about their lived experiences, to understand them better, to support them effectively and to take further steps towards bringing about positive change. There will be a chance to ask questions and to discuss concerns, but please be respectful of the children and young people’s privacy when bringing their stories to an open forum.

Areas Ange will cover:

What is emotionally based school avoidance?

The demonstration and explanation around a  simple tool to help you understand  WHY your child might be struggling to attend school

Tested strategies to help your child open up about how they feel

Ways to ensure your child’s voice is included in all decision making

Bringing the school onboard – ideas for low / no cost support they can put in place that can make a lasting impact

Tools and approaches to help support them both at home and in school

Reminders that when it comes to your child – you are the expert

Your own self-care – don’t forget to look after you as well

About Ange: 

Ange has her own organisation Elemental Health, which she set up in 2015 after running counselling services for young people in schools and sixth forms.​ She has her own lived experiences of systemic trauma, leaving home as a young teenager and experiencing anxiety herself for many years.

​She realised with many young people, there was a lack of knowledge about what might be happening physically, emotionally and in their connections to others, so began to teach PHSE sessions on emotional literacy to year 9’s. Ange’s aim was simple; to help young people help each other and in doing so help themselves.

​Ange then went on to train as a Youth and Adult Mental Health First Aid Instructor and began to write and develop her own training programmes for the adults in young people’s lives. She believes that with the understanding and support of calm, regulated and connected adults it becomes easier for every young person to thrive.

Ange’s training is trauma sensitive and focused on creating an inclusive space for all. She has delivered workshops, training, therapy and coaching to thousands of people across the world using evidence based strategies proven to work. She is also an NLP coach for parents and carers of anxious children and offer counselling sessions to help teenagers overcome anxiety.


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21 September 2023