Naomi Moore: Siblings – Experiences Less Considered

Saturday 07 May 2022 9:30am - 1.30pm Online


Naomi Moore

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A Half Day with Naomi Moore

Join Naomi for this half day workshop exploring the often forgotten needs of siblings which takes the time to consider their lived experiences and challenges, and considers ways we might be able to support them and raise awareness of their needs within families & other systems.

Content Summary: 

The siblings of children and young people who have complex needs, are ill or have serious medical conditions or are struggling with mental health issues, have unique needs that may inadvertently get lost, when compared to the needs of the child with the more significant issues. They might feel as though they can’t have any issues of their own, or their needs are not important. They may be facing their own struggles and challenges as part of their experiences growing up that are not connected to their family, who may be too preoccupied and overwhelmed to be able to support them, or they are simply unaware because it may be kept from them. They might come across of coping brilliantly and being extremely compliant, which may cover deeper, more complex, and challenging feelings.

The siblings may witness and be subject to behaviour and incidents that are traumatic, disturbing, or distressing and be limited in where they can take these experiences to process them.There is often a great deal of emphasis on the child or young person with the complex needs and their siblings needs either in their own right or as a result to the circumstances, are not fully considered. Even if they are, there may or may not be appropriate resources available to support them.

This training focuses entirely on siblings and the impact of being the child who may feel that their needs always come second.

We will consider different types of situation siblings may find themselves in,  how they may react, challenges faced by this particular client group as well as what they might gain. We will consider this in the context of the individual, the family and the school, with and awareness of the sensitivity that is needed in these complex situations where everybody is doing their best in challenging circumstances. We will consider ways we can support siblings best and our own experiences, beliefs and assumptions around this role and what may have been projected onto us if we are siblings or we might project onto children in this position.


Self Care Notice: 

Please note this training works with complex and emotive topics around siblings, complex needs, mental health, illness, death and serious accident or incident that may also be deeply personal for delegates, depending on their lived experience. Whilst siblings can be a source of great support, love and a lifelong bond, the sibling relationship can also be one of rivalry, pain, extremely complex feelings and everything in between, which may come up throughout the day.


About Naomi:

Naomi’s interest in the unique needs of siblings began through her work with sick children and young people or with complex needs where she would often engage with the siblings, becoming very interested in their lived experience and the support and understanding of their situation, or not depending on the case. She became particularly interested in the ideology and assumptions around siblings that could be projected onto them and is an advocate for siblings needs to be seen as equally important in these complex situations.

Naomi Moore trained as a play and creative arts and child/parent therapist. She runs the weekend play provision and volunteer mentoring at Great Ormond Street Hospital and runs training for GOSH, international children’s charities and in schools on play, children’s emotional wellbeing, mental health and trauma informed education.

Prior to her therapy career she worked in early years and primary education specialising in nurture group work with children with emotional and behavioural difficulties. She has worked with children and young people of all ages and their families internationally, as well as in the UK, across both state and private sectors including specialist adolescent inpatient units, orphanages, refugee camps, palliative care and severe medical trauma.


Further Learning

This one day training with Naomi is part of a series of highly successful days Naomi offers with The Sunflower Network – other days include Neurodiversity in Girls (February 5th 2022), The Impact of SEND on Children & Young People’s Mental Health & Well-Being,  Supporting Children, Young People & Families Experiencing Serious Illness and / or Complex Medical Conditions, An Introduction to Eating Disorders, Ways of Talking with Children about Difficult & Sensitive Subject Areas, & Dissociation – An Introduction. These days (and others – please ask for details) can be booked as a bespoke training for charities and organisations – please contact [email protected] if you’d like to discuss further. It is also possible to pay for your ticket in instalments or for your place of work to pay for you – please email [email protected] to discuss / arrange.



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All bookings to be paid in full except where private arrangements have been made to pay in instalments and agreed by us. Tickets &/ or any instalment payments are non-refundable once payment has been made. You can re-sell or transfer your ticket to another attendee up to 24 hours before the event opens - as long as we have notice in writing with their name. On request The Sunflower Network Ltd. may be able to help advertise and/or facilitate any re-sales but this will incur an admin fee of £15.00 to cover our costs including subsequent charges we receive from the ticket providers. Please note The Sunflower Network Ltd. cannot ever guarantee a successful re-sale and responsibility for finding a new purchaser remains with the original ticket holder at all times. No transfer or refund will be considered for a 'no show' on the day of the event for whatever reason.

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