Using Play for Creative Team Building & Team Self-Care

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Jess Shaw


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In Person | Online | Outside

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1 hr | 2 hr | 3 hr | 12 hr (2 days)


Variations using lots of different topics and themes available for use with different groups, including parents. Activities and discussion can be designed to address specific aims and team needs.

Content Summary: 

Laughter and play are not only proven to be excellent for team building, there are a wealth of transferable skills associated with play which can support communication and problem solving as well as deeper discussion. The positive listening, cooperation and quick-thinking skills we encourage in all activities can translate into useful skills for the workplace and in every day life.

Engaging playfully is also very humanising, bringing down barriers to communication and opening up channels for collaboration.

Why use play in a training session/work context?

Play is a serious business; there is increasingly more research highlighting the benefits of bringing play and humour to workplaces and to serious situations. Once seen merely as a childish or “frivolous” pastime, we now know that taking part in structured play-based activities can have a positive impact on group and individual wellbeing and sense of connection within a group, team or family set-up.

What can we do for you?

Jess will work closely with you to understand your needs and aims, then will tailor a workshop/series of training sessions which use discussion, group work and predominantly play-based activities which have been designed to address the specific needs of the group.

Workshops can last from 1-hour to half a day. Workshops can be delivered virtually or in person.

What will my group get out of it?

As the workshops are fully experiential, participants report to increased recollection from the session (as opposed to passive receiving information in a training session); which they are then able to channel into projects and see shifts in relationships applying the skills they have honed into workshop.


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Training delivered by

Jess Shaw

Jess delivers bespoke workshops using creativity, play and humour to support all aspects work/group culture and to boost communication and wellbeing. Jess is an experienced facilitator with over 20 years’ experience creating and delivering training across sectors in schools, PRUs, Prisons, charities and vulnerable groups, as well as in the corporate sector. She is also a Mental Health First Aider.