The Privileged Child

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Naomi Moore


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Content Details:

There is much thought given to the impact of deprivation, poverty and lack of opportunities on children and young people. It is often assumed that adverse childhood experiences and deprivation do not affect children from higher socioeconomic backgrounds, especially where the child is perceived as being privileged and more in need of a dose of gratitude and discipline than our empathy and curiosity. It can sometimes be hard for practitioners to see behind the facade of privilege, which can effectively act as a shimmering mask that deflects and distorts our gaze.

In this day, we will consider attachment, the role of external caregivers (nannies), the weight of expectation, status anxiety, the school system as may be experienced by privileged children, the impact on the children as children and the potential impact as adults.

We will draw on the work of Nick Duffell alongside considering the impact of working in this field on the practitioner, as these children can trigger a very different reaction that can sometimes feel uncomfortable for practitioners to experience.

We will also consider the role of elite schools, family, entitlement, the class system in the UK and the common issues these children can present with, alongside the challenges we might face in managing expectations when working with them.

Aims and Objectives: 

  • To gain a deeper insight into children who experience material privilege and the opportunities and challenges of this
  • To develop a deeper understanding of the parents of this cohort, their perspectives and expectations
  • To develop thinking and strategies about ways to best support these children and families
  • To develop insight into one’s own views on privilege and how this might impact your work
  • To consider the complexities of safeguarding when supporting these children and families
  • To consider the role of education and how this might impact on wellbeing and mental health for this demographic
  • To consider the pressures that can be created by family and societal expectations for the child’s future

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Training delivered by

Naomi Moore

Naomi Moore is a play and creative arts therapist, therapeutic wellbeing practitioner and clinical supervisor. she is the team leader and wellbeing and mental health lead in a large mainstream primary school and secondary school managing teams of practitioners and placement students. Naomi is also trained in parent-child work and specialised therapeutic approaches for working with neurodiversity, trauma and trauma-informed education.