Bespoke CPD Events & Trainings

The Sunflower Network can organise and facilitate bespoke CPD events and trainings for schools, charities, organisations, companies and groups, ranging from small in depth workshop groups to larger training sessions for hundreds of delegates.

We can facilitate both on-line trainings and (where possible) in-person trainings. For larger groups and in person trainings, we ask for as much notice as possible with ideally at least a three – six month lead time. Events at shorter notice may be possible but it will depend on the availability of our trainers, many of whom are in high demand.

Here is a selection of the trainers we work with currently, and a sample of the training days on offer.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on the list below, please get in touch on [email protected] to discuss your training needs.

Please make sure to include as many details about your needs as possible eg numbers, proposed date(s), online or in person etc. We will then get back in touch with any further questions and with a quote for costs. 

Thank you. 

Our Trainers & Training Days

Cath Knibbs

Cath Knibbs

Training Days

Online Safeguarding

Cyberbullying, Cyberstalking and Trolling – A Child’s Point of View

thics, Law and Keeping Children’s Digital Data Safe

Online Safety, Online Harms & Cybertrauma for Child / School Therapists and Counsellors (KCSIE 2021 New Legislation)

Pornography Use in Children & Young People and How to Work with It in the Therapy Room

Online Behaviours – Why We and Children Do What We Do Online (including Child Development & Attachment)

Jessica Spenceley

Training Days

Bespoke workshops are available to professionals and parents within areas that include:

  • The lifelong impact of adoption
  • Life story work
  • Adoption and the school environment
  • Trauma-informed parenting

Workshops are on offer to professionals in the areas of safeguarding and child protection at the following levels:

  • Foundational level 
  • Advanced level 

Naomi Moore

Training Days

Trauma in the Classroom

Attachment in the Classroom

Why Don't They Just Grow Up (Immaturity, Learning & School)

The Window Of Tolerance and The Zones of Regulation

An Introduction to Eating Disorders

An Introduction to Self-Harm

The Impact of Complex Medical Conditions on Children & Young People

SEND & Children, Young People, Families and Schools

Having Difficult Conversations About Sensitive Things with Children & Young People

An Introduction to Dissociation

Neurodiversity & Girls

Siblings – Experiences Less Considered

The Child in Context: Historical and Social Constructions of Children & Implications for Practice

Childism: Prejudice Against Children

The Privileged Child

These trainings can be adapted for evening talks, half day trainings and full trainings, and this is just a selection of areas Naomi can cover. Please get in touch to discuss.

Nerissa McDonald

Training Days

Black Trauma in the Therapy Room

Language & Respect

Black Issues & Experiences

Race & Racism in Therapy

These half day workshops can be booked as individual stand alone sessions or they are also offered as a series to form a more cohesive and immersive anti-racism training. Please contact us to discuss. 

Neil Young

Training Days

Who Do They Think They Are? An Exploration of Children & Young People’s Emergent Sexual and Gender Identities

How Has Power Made Us? An Intersectional Exploration of Power Inside and Outside the Therapy Room

These can each be available as two hour talks or as a full training day. Please get in touch to discuss.